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In a globalizing world economy, markets are becoming increasingly competitive. Getting information on a specific market is not an easy task often as a result of barriers such as time, space, and cost. GS.Services helps you obtain this information and performs a specific service for you. Based in Lebanon, GS.Services covers both the Lebanese and Middle East markets.

Documentation and Sourcing
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Survey of Prices of Products and Services from your Competitors
Product Samples
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Various Information
Market Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Studies of patent Specifications, Product Specs
Financial Information for Real Estate
Financial Information. State Housing Market and Investment in the Region
Search Suppliers
We can help you outsource your production to suppliers and offshore factories to maximize your productivity.

There is also our "Service Mission." We even attend international trade shows of your competitors to obtain all documentation and business cards.

We are ready to provide all the information you need. Simply send us your request and we will do our best to meet your requirements at the lowest cost.

GS. Services Team

Why GS.Services ?

Having operated for years in the Middle East, and having acquired strong experience and familiarity with the market cycles in the region, GS.Services will make sure to meet your request in the most satisfactory way possible.

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  • Low Costs
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